Hi folks

I am prepared upgrading kde-3.1.4 to kde-3.2.2. 
Because I am running FreeBSD 5.2 on a slow PC,
AMD-k6-350, I will take following route

# cd /
# pkg_delete kde\* arts\* qt\* quanta\* kdevelop\*
# env
pkg_add -r kde

However to avoid running into conflict of dependencies
which are unknown to me I will run following steps
first to upgrade all other packages including

# cd /
# cvsup -g /usr/local/etc/cvsup/ports-supfile
# cvsup -g /usr/local/etc/cvsup/stable-supfile

and then
# portupgrade -aRrv -x kde

I don't know whether the '-x' tag will excluding
upgrading kde otherwise the PC will run for several

Any suggestion?  TIA

Stephen Liu

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