Jarrod Wageman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> when running portversion -v -l "<" Nothing returns so I assume this
> means no errors, but, after cvsup -v -L 2 <supfile> updating the index
> and the database of ports, and then running portupgrade -a (which
> after reading the man page I assume
> that it updates all out dated ports) nothing happens, ssh -V returns
> 3.6p1 which is an old version, and nothing else will update. I have
> read through the ports guide in the handbook and after reading through
> that and following the steps I get to make buildworld and I cannot
> make buildworld. I want to test the freeBSD evironment and it's
> serving capabilities and I have heard nothing but good things about
> it. Thanks for your time.

ssh is in the base system, not normally installed as a port, and on
-STABLE that would give you "OpenSSH_3.5p1 FreeBSD-20030924".  The
openssh port is currently at 3.6.1, and the openssh-portable port is
3.8.1p1.  Check where your current "ssh" command is coming from before
deciding whether and how to update it.
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