Hello, I have a freebsd box I just set up and I am wondering about some things. I just 
ran `make buildworld` installworld
and all that after an extensive cvsup. I still have perl version 5.6 something. The 
new version according to perl.com is 5.8
I ran portupgrade -a and it didn't upgrade anything. Do I need to move to the CURRENT 
source tree to get these new packages
installed? It seems I have many dated packages on this freebsd box. Here is the steps 
I take to update...

cvsup -g -L 2 <supfile> I am using the stable tree.

portsdb -Uu

portversion -l "<"
(nothing ever returns)

portupgrade -a
(this says something like: No need to upgrade fvwm-blahversion)

(according to a freebsd site I found off of google, this is the proper way to go about 

pkgdb -Fu

My kernel is updated, my source tree is updated. But perl is an old version, openssh 
is an old version.

Maybe I do not understand how the stable tree works, or ports in itself works, are the 
security and bug fixes patched 
and the version numbers maintained? That seems a bit odd to me. Anyhow I am a noob. 
Thanks for your time and

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