Olaf Hoyer wrote:
On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Rob wrote:

No change at all in memory usage. If named keeps its cache in memory,
why do I not see any changes of available swap space when starting named?

Or does named claim memory on the fly, as it is caching?
If so, how can I find out what is the maximum it can claim on my machine?


named claims memory on the fly.
On Solaris, I have bind 8 seen claiming about 800MB RAM for its caching
database, being the resolver for the machine that creates from http-logs
colorful pictures and other fancy things...

Waaauw, that sounds rather dangerous to me. I have a caching nameserver running on an old Pentium-I with 32 Mb of ram (48 Mb swap). I am still using it in a testing enviroment, moderately using the named's cache. So far total memory usage by the OS is very low (swap is hardly used).

I wonder if named would eat up all the ram in a production enviroment.
Can't imagine that, actually. Nowhere I have seen warnings against
such disaster. But then there is this option for the named configuration
file, that limits the cache memory usage.....

Elsewhere, I have read that named uses 1 Mb maximum by default. But
I read that in an out-dated document. I assume meanwhile things have


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