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"WyteWolf" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have recently downloaded the two ISO's of the FreeBSD realease
> I am having trouble making a image of the kern and mfsboot *.flp files using
> rawrite

What OS are you using to create them?  I seem to remember having considerable
difficulty using rawrite on Windows NT, and I seem to remember that the solution
was a proper combination of command line switches.  Unfortunately, I don't
remember the exact incantation.

Beyond that, you should probably provide more detail of what the problem is,
if you actually want a useful answer.  We're not psychic.

> Copying the kern.flp to a floppy disk is impossible,

It's also wrong.

> also how may i create
> this bootdisk and load the OS and install it, I have extracted the ISO files
> but i cannot work out how to install it.

See section 2.2.7 on preparing the installation media.  If you can tell us
exactly what procedure you're trying to follow, and exactly how it is failing,
I'm sure we can provide specific pointers.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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