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On Fri, 4 Jun 2004 10:20:03 +0100 UTC (6/4/2004, 4:20 AM -0500 UTC my time),
Matthew Seaman wrote:

M> Hmmm... I've done the odd bit of Statistical work in my time, but I've
M> never heard of "Heckman's Phase 2 model".  Which unfortunately
M> suggests that you're going to need something rather more sophisticated
M> than the general run of the mill available in ports.

Actually it is called Heckman's 2 step model, or Heckman Two-Step Selection
Correction Estimation..

He won the Nobel Prize for this in 2000, for his development of theory
and methods for analyzing selective samples - Empirical Microeconomics

as described here.


M> If you:

M>     % cd /usr/ports
M>     % make search key=statistics

M> you will get a long list of ports that do something to do with
M> statistics.  For the most part that's either gathering statistical
M> data from the operation of some program, or processing that data
M> usually in a relatively simple manner to produce various graphs and
M> reports.  However amidst the muck there are one or two glitters of
M> what might be gems.  There's math/xldlas and math/xlispstat which are
M> general purpose "statistics" packages.  There are a number of modules
M> for various programming languages that implement statistical
M> functions, eg. math/p5-Statistics-Table-F

This is just excellent news. Thank you, as always, for your detailed,
informative responses.

M> There are also some symbolic mathematics programs which might serve:
M> math/jacal and math/maxima

M> However, probably your best bet is the math/R port, whose pkg-desc is
M> as follows:

M> From <http://www.R-project.org/about.html>:

This is a great place to start... I am deeply indebted to both you and Mike
for this information... Thanks very much.  "Ain't open source grand" LOL..


The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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