On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 08:10:08AM -0600, Simon Timms wrote:
> Hi,
> I.m having a problem with x-forwarding.  I have looked through past
> questions but I haven.t seen anything on this particular topic.  I have
> two FreeBSD 5.2_1 machines at home, one of which I run headless.  Usually
> I manage the headless machine from windows using x-forwarding and either
> exceed or x-win and putty.  Recently I decided that I hate windows so much
> that it was time to change fulltime to FreeBSD on my desktop however a
> problem arises.  When I forward anything from the server to my desktop
> machine I don't get the contents of any window.  The window frame appears
> along with the title and is sized correctly but there is nothing inside
> the frame.
> I have tried using several different window managers and different users
> in the hopes it was some sort of setting I had accidentally triggered
> but to no avail.  Has anybody seen this before and how do I fix it?
> I assume that it is a problem on the desktop machine since forwarding
> does work between the server and other boxes.

How are you doing the "X Forwarding"?  Exporting DISPLAY directly?
Tunneling over SSH with "ssh -X" or "ssh -Y" (you probably want the


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