Olaf Hoyer wrote:
On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Rob wrote:

named claims memory on the fly.
On Solaris, I have bind 8 seen claiming about 800MB RAM for its caching
database, being the resolver for the machine that creates from http-logs
colorful pictures and other fancy things...

Waaauw, that sounds rather dangerous to me. I have a caching nameserver running on an old Pentium-I with 32 Mb of ram (48 Mb swap). I am still using it in a testing enviroment, moderately using the named's cache. So far total memory usage by the OS is very low (swap is hardly used).

I wonder if named would eat up all the ram in a production enviroment.
Can't imagine that, actually. Nowhere I have seen warnings against
such disaster. But then there is this option for the named configuration
file, that limits the cache memory usage.....

Well, some colleagues have some Machines with 512MB RAM running, also bind 9, but with no given limit on size. They serve as resolvers to several thousands of dedicated servers (customers servers) and use more than 200MB RAM without being limited.

The example on Solaris is in a scenarion where a dedicated host has to
chew more than 30 GB http logs a day, does reverse lookups and then does
some statistics on them, so the named has to look up pretty much domain

This special host has more than 10 CPU in it, so you can imagine the
power needed...

On other hosts, where I also run named as caching resolver, I have about
3-4 MB memory footprint for normal use...

How do you actually figure out how much memory is consumed by named? I still have no idea how to do that, so I have no idea how much my poor old Pentium-I is suffering from the named cache.... Knowing how to do that, would help me already a little further.


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