Please feel free to send me to another forum (Eudora, MIME-Tools or
sendmail) as appropriate. I just thought I would start here for clues,
(and in the hope of finding a server-side magic bullet, since I cannot
really control the senders or receivers of the messages in question).

We're using FreeBSD 4.9 on our mail server, with a sendmail configuration
not much modified from the default except for domain name, acceptable
relays, and masquerading. Whenever we get a message that has been
handled with "X-Mailer: MIME-tools 5.411 (Entity 5.404)", which we see
most frequently on Bugtraq, we have a problem reading it in Eudora.

On the server side, peering into the mailbox file in /var/mail shows that
the message is "intact", but that the message body's lines are using a
Windows-like line break (CRLF), as opposed to "normal" messages
that are using only a line feed. Ironically, my Windows-based email client
(Eudora) will not render the Windows-like message bodies properly.

I see,
but it's not clear (to me) where in the sender-server-receiver chain this
discrepancy between CRLF and LF should be addressed.

Is the problem here that:
(a) the sender is not formatting the message correctly
(b) my server is not rewriting the message correctly
(c) the Windows client is not rendering the message correctly

Is there anything I can do to my FreeBSD/sendmail server configuration
to make this a non-issue?

Greg Barniskis
Library Interchange Network (LINK)
South Central Library System (SCLS)

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