I asked about this during the reign of FreeBSD 4.7 - and no one had any ideas, 
so I thought I would toss this question back out now that three new versions 
have crept up - and none indicated any changes to the pcn driver.

I have a Compaq IA-1 internet appliance with an AMD 79C978 (PCnet/Home) 
ethernet adapter built-in. Both internal PHY's (the 1Mbit/s HPNA and 
10Mbits/s 10base-T) are attached to hardware.

The problem is that the pcn driver doesn't seem to see them. It looks for an 
external PHY on the MII bus, and failing to find one, doesn't load the 

dmesg output:
pcn0: <AMD PCnet/Home HomePNA> port 0x1c00-0x1c1f mem 0x41200000-0x4120001f 
irq 9 at device 5.0 on pci0
pcn0: Ethernet address: 00:01:fa:ff:ac:57
pcn0: MII without any PHY!
device_probe_and_attach: pcn0 attach returned 6

pciconf output (relevant section)
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5:0: class=0x020000 card=0x20001022 chip=0x20011022 rev=0x52 
    vendor   = 'Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)'
    device   = 'AM79C978 PCnet Single Chip Home Networking Controller 
    class    = network
    subclass = ethernet

Is there a way to get the pcn driver to use the internal PHY's? I'd like to 
use this interface, as it would obviate the need for an external USB ethernet 

Also, how does this driver work with regular PCI HPNA/ethernet cards based on 
this chip? The driver claims it supports these cards, but I'm not sure how if 
it can't use the onboard HPNA PHY?

-Seth Henry
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