Hello all.

I am currently running an older P3/500 with 4.9 and am looking into purchasing
an external USB CD-R/RW unit to add to this machine.  Unfortunately, the
mainboard only supports USB 1.1.  I understand that this would not be the
most ideal for an external CD-R/RW and that I'd most likely have to drop
the write speeds down until I can afford a new machine with USB 2.0.

My first question is this: could anyone recommend a decent external USB
CD-R/RW that is known working with USB 1.1 and FBSD 4.9 and is a good,
quality unit?

In a few months, I am also hoping to be able to afford a new machine.  As
of now, I'm looking into an Intel D865PERL mainboard.  My understanding is
that this board would allow booting off of USB devices, and my hopes are
that I could use this same USB CD-R/RW with the new machine as my only CD drive.

My second question is this: are there any known issues in regard to booting
off of external USB CD devices and the subsequent installation of FreeBSD
from an external USB unit?

Thank you very much for your time,
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