I recently added the perl 5.8 port to my build server.  When building
FreeBSD 4.10, it did not build the system perl as expected.  

However, I have a smaller machine that mounts /usr/src and /usr/obj off
of the build server, which croaked in installworld when it couldn't find
the system perl library.  There's really no reason for me to have the
perl port on that machine.

So my question is, is there some combination of the PERL variables in
/etc/make.conf on the build server that would cause the system perl to
be built by buildworld, but not installed by installworld (i.e. continue
to use the port perl)?  It looks like omitting NOPERL will cause system
perl to be built, but will it also try to install it?  I guess I can
also live with the server installing system perl with installworld, as
long as the server defaults to using port perl.

I'm assuming that omitting the PERL variables in make.conf on the client
machine will do the right thing during installworld, once the server has
built the system perl.


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