I d/l the floppies and made them and get thru the whole install process but
can not resolve any ftp servers to finish.
I have tried several nics and I don't think thats the problem.

My setup is this.
to be freebsd computer hardwired to a switch. the switch is connected to the
lan port of a sonic wall. the wan port of the sonic wall is connected to my
wireless Access Point which flys thru the air to a neighbors house where i
have another wireless radio that rec the signal puts it thru a linksys
router and out the cable modem.

I can surf from the home network fine. been doing that for a year.
I just can't get the freebsd to resolve ftp to finish the install.

In the network setup I put

host - commanche
domain - left blank
ip is dhcp (and yes it receives and ip
subnet is dhcp
dns servers are dhcp also (which my home network computers get and work just
gate way is dhcp (home network uses same one w/o any problem)

no extra config in the network setup.
sometimes it kicks back instantly that can't resolve and other times sits
there for long time.

I have tired manually putting in the info and no go either.
I have no errors in the sonic wall or linksys router about it.
I can ftp from any home network computer .

I am lost. any help greatly appreciated.
This email is sent from the same setup as the to be freebsd computer is


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