You should check out puremessage from ActiveState & Sophos. Other choices
are mailscanner & spamassasin, as for free scanners most of these still
require sometype of an AV engine. You can download an evaluation of sophos
savi it will work for about three months. Most free software like
mailscanner will  utilize savi , fprot, Mcafee.  Other mail scanning
software types are mimesweeper, mailmarshal, Qwava.


type "make && make install"
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Subject: help me make a Mail Server choice

> Hi again
> It turned out to be a public mail server as well! The choice for the MTA
> on fell on postfix :) Now I have to chose POP/IMAP and Virus/Spam.
> I would appreciate if you can give me some input on your experience with
> Cyrus or Courier, since they are my choices for pop/imap. Also I'd like
> some suggestions on what to use for virus/spam protection, and how they
> are implemented in postfix?
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> My first mail on the subject from 2004-06-01:
> I have some trouble choosing between "postfix" and "qmail" for the new
> corporate mail server I'll be making. I'm looking for the one with least
> administrative overhead (since I run a one man show) and security is a
> big issue. Also, I'm looking for some guidance (choices) for POP, IMAP
> and webMail interface as well as Virus and SPAM (preferably free)
> protection.
> Another issue is the FreeBSD version. Should I stay with the 4.x-STABLE
> or should I go with the 5.x. If I set up a 5.2-Release, will the upgrade
> to 5.3-STABLE be enough, or is there a possibility that I will have to
> reformat and do a clean 5.3 install.
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