I discovered the problem and describe it for future reference: I had
the correct vertical and horizontal refresh rate range set for the monitor
and X Windows chose the wrong refresh rate for the resolution I was
using (ie a monitor cant use its maximum refresh rate at its higher
resolutions). Decreasing the maximum refresh rate fixed it!

Thanks for your responses.

Jacob Rhoden wrote:
> I have been using freebsd for quite some time now, I have come across
> a machine with a 19" viewmaster, whereby if you open a window
> bigger than about 500x500 pixels, the monitor resets and degausses
> every 8 seconds until you close the window. Has anyone had this
> happen to them? And how did you fix it? (Freebsd 5.2.1, fairly current
> XFree86 with fairly current KDE).

Jacob Rhoden - http://rhoden.id.au/
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