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I am about to install BSD 4.10 and according to "The Complete FreeBSD" 4th ed, (Lehey) all I need is on the installation CD, (the first disk). He says little about the second CD, "Live File System" and what needs to be done about it. Any good advice as to just what and how the second CD is used for?
It contains additional software packages. You dont't need to care about them before you have FreeBSD installed.

Also, I am doing the install on 4GB HD and someone said use 256MB for root, 512MB swap, 256MB for /var and /tmp and the rest of the space for /usr? This is almost the install default as Lehey says use far more for the root so as not to run out of space.
256 MB for / (the "root" - directory) will do fine if you keep strictly to the good rule to use your root account (i.e. the Administrator account) only for administrative works.

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