On Sunday 06 June 2004 02:17 am, Jay Moore wrote:

> > > What I need is the part that comes after "konqueror"... i.e. which file
> > > to open. And that's assuming Konqueror knows to start in "html mode"
> > > since the file it's opening is html. I thought there might even be a
> > > way to specify a "profile file (??)" to set window size & other
> > > options.
> >
> > # konqueror file:'absolute-file-path'
> Thank you both - that is helpful, but not the answer I was seeking. Perhaps
> I'm asking the wrong question... I need to get Konqueror to display the
> file I am currently editing in Bluefish. With the Konqueror command line
> synatax I now have I suppose this has now become a "Bluefish" question.
> I'll do some research there.

It's not documented in Bluefish either, but this seems to work :
konqueror "%s"

> BTW - are command line parameters for Konqueror documented anywhere?

I'd still like to learn if there's such a resource.

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