On Jun 5, 2004, at 17:35, Mark wrote:

Gerard Seibert wrote:

This is probably a stupid question, but how do I change the SMTP port
number that SendMail listens in on? I want to change it to something
else, like perhaps 24. My ISP is blocking 25 and I want to get around
that problem.

And how will clients (the world) find you then, on port 24?

Besides, are you sure your ISP blocks *incoming* port 25? That is somewhat
unusual; *outgoing* 25, yes (for dialup users), but incoming? Regardless,
same difference: you can start sending on port 24, but since the world is
listening on port 25, that will do you little good.

There are ISPs out there that block port 25 to any destination other than their mail server. If you are connected to one of them there is no way to access your ISP's mail server. Thats why we provide support for both ports 25 and 26. I have never seen port 26 blocked. Almost all mail clients provide the ability to change the port it uses. We provide instructions to our users on how to make that change if they need it sl that they can send mail through our server. We do require the use of SMTP-AUTH to avoid an open relay. Blocking port 25 is an attempt to prevent the use of open relays.

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