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I'm a relative *NIX newby running FreeBSD on an somewhat older (750 MHz) machine. I've been installing programs, and they seem to install in my home directory by default, but I have my partition table set up so I don't have much room there. My questions are: 1) is there a better place to install programs (like /usr/bin for example?) and 2) is there an established procedure for installing programs in that location by default? Sorry if the wording of my questions in unclear; let me know if you have any questions.

If you install programs manually you have mostly a option in the ./configure script that enables you to select a prefix. Mostly that prefix will be /usr/local/, there all non default applications will be installed. (./configure --prefix=/usr/local)

Also, perhaps it's better to use the ports on a FreeBSD system, you can upgrade them easy with "portupgrade" and they all get installed in the /usr/local directories.



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