Hey Jorn,

> Hi all,

> I was wondering if Postfix could follow symbolic links, since I only
> have an 512M /var partition. I would rather link it to the /usr
> partition, which is about 55G.

> My common sense tells me that I should just link /var/mail to /usr/mail
> or something like that, and to copy the original /var/mail content to
> /usr/mail. Please correct me if I am wrong.

> Cheers,


I am not sure whether symbolic links are supported by postfix.
But i do know that postfix can change it's mailqueue dir..It's a setting
grep '/var' main.cf :-) and change that to your new directory.
At least that is what i did and it worked. Since i am at work i cannot
provide a example, but if you wish, i can send you that later today.


Kind regards,

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