Hello scripting gurus..

I'm sure this is an easy one for someone out there. Here's what I'd like to do, and hoping someone out there knows a simple way to do this without ripping my hair out. Scenario:

*Two servers, Server1 and Server2.

*I want Server1 to copy a set of files from Server2 on a regular basis using cron and scp. I should be able to do that by just generating a ssh key and automating the login from Server1 into Server2.

*problem; on server1, I'm going to have two directories: ~/archive and ~/workingdir. I want the scp to move the files from server2 to ~/workingdir, tar and zip them as a file name with a date attached (like backup06072004.tgz) to make the filename distinctive, then move that file from ~/workingdir to ~/archive. The filename would need to be distinctive both to allow for reference when needing to restore a snapshot and also to keep the archives from overwriting each other when moved over.

Is there a simple way to do this with a script running from cron?


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