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Just make sure they are truly dynamic ips.  Many people block ips identified
as "DSL" connections.  Those are not necessarily dynamic ip based.

It's wonderful that most ISPs haven't figured out how to play nicely with the
rest of the world.  I only block when I can verify that it IS a dhcp addy.
There are also blocklists that specifically list verified dynamic IPs.

It would be nice if all ISPs could agree on a convention that could be used to
identify these machines.  Such as using <uniquename>.dhcp.<domainname> so it
could be easily filtered.

I think something has changed in this respect lately. I've sent close to a dozen messages to the FreeBSD list since Saturday, and not one has gotten through.

I'm running sendmail on FreeBSD 4.10, and relaying through Verizon's authenticated SMTP system. The thing is that I am also using Zoneedit to convince the world that is at my current IP, and this is reset every time I get a new IP. This means that when a relay does a lookup on the message, it sees it is a DHCP (DSL) address, and the message is stopped - by the FreeBSD list server in many cases.

I've even sent mail from Netscape, using the Verizon SMTP relay directly, and the same thing happens. Ditto from work. Just because is on a private ip and doesn't resolve outside doesn't mean it isn't a real legitimate system. It's pretty annoying. Since Friday afternoon, all email I've sent to addresses other than hotmail, my employer, and internally, have been blocked somewhere.

If this email makes it to the list, it will be the first in awhile.

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