On June 6, 2004, "Joshua Lewis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


After running portsdb -Uu I ran a portupgrade -a.

Other than taking two days to finish is there a reason why upgrading "ALL"
ports at one time is a bad idea?

one other thing. I got  hundreds of _POSIX_C_SOURCE: not defined errors.

I am assuming this is some kind of system variable that defines where my C
Source files are located. If I am correct would someone tell me what this
setting should be and where to find the file that I set it in?

As always the newbies mailing list is a great help. Thanks in advance.

Thank you, Joshua Lewis

Hi Joshua,

freebsd-questions is a better (well, the only) forum for asking
questions. I'm forwarding it there for you.

You shouldn't need to subscribe to the list; you should be CC'ed
on any replies.

The only real advice I might give is that you should definitely
read UPDATING before running portupgrade -a. Sorry I can't help
more, but I'm a newbie :).


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