This is off topic, I was wondering if there is a pretty little gui that
will run when booting. Kinda like windows, lindows, and even Redhat
Fedora has one; which can be switched back and forth. Basically, so I
don't have to see the text scrolling down and just see a loader with %.
Maybe in the ports collection? If not I might have write one. :oP

Oh, and thanks for your comments/answers. One last question thought? How
do I get rid of that fragmentation crap? Just for shits and giggles..


On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 02:09, Murray Taylor wrote:
> Fragmentation is a non-event in 99.999% of cases. It is nothing like 
> micro$lop fragments and (before you ask, no there is no defrag tool,
> 'cos it is not required)
> The shutdown question -- well you should not shutdown incorrectly ;-)
> - see man shutdown   and friends
> (BTW - letting the FreeBSD box run and run and run wont hurt anything.
> I'm currently up to 72 days uptime since I last updated the system, and
> we had a machine that got to 698 days here at work .. we had to move
> buildings and thus shut it down..)
> for the last question the file you want is 
> /var/run/dmesg.boot
> which is the boot output from the most recent boot.
> You can also see it by issuing the command 
> dmesg
> but the display that this one shows can get over written as the system
> does other log messages.
> Hope this helps
> mjt
> On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 16:01, Bruce Hunter wrote:
> > I am kinda new to FBSD, still kinda learning stuff. Anyway, when my
> > system boots i see all kinda fragmentation information. How do I correct
> > this? Any good reading material? Also, what should I do when I shutdown
> > my system incorrectly and boot up again? Last questions! I promise. Is
> > there a file that shows the data printed to screen durning boot?
> > Probably, a log file.
> > 
> > Thanks guys,
> > Bruce
> > 
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