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>          When I am logged in as root X11 and gnome start fine when I type 
> 'startx', when I am logged in as a normal user I type 'startx' and only X11 
> starts. I have followed the instructions in the handbook and modified 
> /root/.xsession. any help or direction to other resources would be great.


Just copy your .xsession file for root into the home folder of the user
you want to use Gnome for or use gdm. Having said that there is a lot of
information regarding updating Gnome which you can find at
http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/. It would be wise of you to check the
FAQ's at this site for important information.

The Gnome mailing list is [EMAIL PROTECTED] where all questions
regarding Gnome on FreeBSD should be posted.

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