On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 05:18:07PM +0100, Richard Caley wrote:
: In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Jonathon McKitrick (jm) writes:
: jm> I have my desktop configured to run as a server and app server for a thin
: jm> client laptop.  Will running it all day without suspend mode use a lot of
: jm> power?
: Turn the monitor off, especially if it is getting old. I have a 19inch
: from back when they were expensive and it eats power. 

Hopefully I'll get my flat screen back soon from repair.  I guess those use
less power, right?  Also, a 1.8GHz Athlon won't use any more power than
necessary during idle time, right?

My other computer is your Windows box.
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