On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 02:42:16PM -0400, Joe Altman wrote:
: Take the side off of your case, turn the open side toward the wall,

Why against the wall?  So nothing damages it?

: with some space between it and the wall. Especially during the summer.

My setup has a fan in the back, and also one on the side.  Is that close

: I don't put my box on the floor, if you were wondering. I have an

Mine is in the CPU slot of a tiny computer desk.

: Athlon 1.2, a Plextor CD/RW, and multiple drives in the 7200 rpm

That reminds me: is a CD/RW a feasible data backup device?  I've never used

: range; and of course a gpu, and the psu, and the sound card...they all
: generate heat. The kicker: I'm on the top floor of my building in a
: treeless area. I'd rather the heat spill out the side, than have it

I feel your pain.  I'm third floor in an old house with no A/C.

My other computer is your windows box.
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