> > less power, right?  Also, a 1.8GHz Athlon won't use any more power than
> > necessary during idle time, right?
> AMD processors now have fairly good thermal behavior when they are 
> idle, although it obviously helps if one can enable APCI and power 
> management capabilities to either throttle down the CPU speed or even 
> go into sleep mode.

What about other architectures? If you don't need x86 compat,
perhaps CPU models in other arches have much lower consumption?

For a box that runs mainly as router, apache, postfix, cyrus, ...
even an old MC68k would do just fine (esp. if you are limited
by bandwidth, not CPU cycles...).

Perhaps something like Soekris boards could be useful? Has
someone used them to build a power-saving server?

Anyone living in a country with exorbitant high taxes on power
lurking here?


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