Nico Meijer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> > What is so bad with the floor?
> Ever move into a beautiful house only to find the floor *flooded* at the 
> first serious cloud break? ;-)
> BTW - I'd make sure I'd get/have a decent computer case with a decent 
> PSU with enough room for some decent 80mm or larger low noise fans 
> rather than opening up the side panel. Perhaps an aluminum (Chieftec 
> Dragon, anyone?) case with some Enermax and Zalman coolers and PSU might 
> do the trick. I've {b,s}een told a good airflow (front to back) is king.

I saw an article recently by a guy who had a degree in thermal dynamics or
something that was dispelling the common myths about PC cooling.

His conclusion was basically that airflow is king.  You need to move air across
the heat sinks that is cooler than the heat sinks are.  Sounds simple, but the
overall conclusion was that you could improve cooling without increasing noise
by ensuring that air from _outside_ the case was flowing directly over the
processor heatsink.  Reason this works well is becuase the air inside the case
is usually considerably warmer than the air outside the case, and moving warm
air across the heat sink doesn't accomplish much.  By drawing cool air in from
outside the case, things stay cooler.

Anyway, his suggestion was that the best thing you could do for your cooling
rig was to purchase/fab one of those little duct kits that allows the cpu fan
to pull air from outside the case.  Some cases even have the duct built in (my
brother's computer does).

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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