On 2004-06-07 13:10, "Goodleaf, John" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>    It's a hard problem. How do you provide conventions that don't annoy
>    the hell out of programmers, but which ensure that legibile,
>    maintainable code is left?

First of all, I should note this: As long as there is a way to configure
the two most popular editors (vi and Emacs) to adhere to this standard
of yours, the only thing that matters is to avoid like hell all
non-standard styles.  Consistently keeping the standard is more
important than the rules of the standard itself.

>    Any suggestions welcome. Please cc me directly, as I'm not currently
>    on this list.

Some people hate the resulting style, other love it... but there is a
coding standards' guideline on your FreeBSD installation waiting to be
read by you:

        man 9 style

- Giorgos

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