On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Jason Taylor wrote:

> Ok, I'll chime in here.  Here's what everything I ever learned about
> heat transfer and fluid flow tells me:
> Everything Bill is saying is correct.  The best way to cool is to move
> as much fluid (air is a fluid for the purpose of this discussion) as
> fast as possible across whatever is hot.

As a point of interest, "as fast as possible" isn't always correct, though
it may be WRT practical case-cooling considerations.  One consideration in
designing race cars, especially those using stock engines, is to not
overdrive the water pump at high rpms.  Not because of cavitation, because
you can flow water through the engine faster than is optimal for heat
dissipation.  Non intuitive, but true - has to do with the heat transfer
across the water/metal surfaces and is otherwise over my head.  ;)

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