On Tuesday 08 June 2004 17:41, Mantas Audickas wrote:
> Hello there,
> i don't know where to ask.. i have tried in many irc channels, but no
> one could help me..
> so i'm trying to make buildworld, but there i get an error, always the
> same.. i have tried in fresh installed os, with GENERIC kernel and with
> my own, cvsup source and so on.. but nothing goes better..
> I have read /usr/src/UPDATING.. and tried to follow rules.
> I put error log file in http://migla.ktu.lt/~cerberis/error .. maybe you
> can help me?

There was a thread about libedit, tr(1) and setlocale(3) on the 
freebsd-current mailing list.


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