Yes Mailscanner is good but you may have to jump through hoops to get it to
work with BSD . No matter what OS you will still need to install a bunch of
perl modules for mailscanner & spamassasin. If thats ok with you then they
are pretty good.  First your going to need a licensed version of sometype of
antivirus application you can always get freeB's  but they will eventually
run out. some of the AV for BSD  are panda, kaspersky,. macfee, and Sophos
& fprot . Both Fprot & Sophos have evaluation versions both are easy to
install and use. Your next choice is what mailscanner application to use. I
have setup mailscanner with the fprot & sweep succesfully on 4.8 could not
get it to work on 5.0 . I did not even try spamassasin because of all the
cpan mods needed.   I am using mailmonitor & sophos sweep works great I can
block files or file extentions types, block subject content,  quarantine
infected attachments, attempt to clean them.  You can go to and
fill out evalutaions for both mailmonitor & sweep . One thing mailmonitor
needs to be run in linux compatibility mode and you need to install the
linux versions of sweep & mailmonitor .  They actually make software
packages for BSD. unfourtunatly mailmonitor is targeted to linux ,solaris &
Windoz .

PS  I had rambled on about sophos & mailmonitor in another bsd question here
is the link  and here is a response from some guy in Germany or something .
I guess he is using some other mailscanning software  check it out.[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg65212.html[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg65240.html

 I wonder who should ever need mailmonitor in FreeBSD????
> Here we are running Sophos on several FBSD machines and we use amavis to
make it scan and filter
> our mails. That works perfectly and so I see no need for mailmonitor at

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> Any comments on a good anti-spam app that works with sendmail for a mail
> server?
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