It is a well known bug to do with OSS in the base of the FreeBSD dist
that stops it compiling. There is a range of OSVERSIONS that the port
will not compile on listed in the Makefile. Therefore I have not got as
far as compiling , so i cannot show an error. Well apart from that the
port tells me 'it will not compile so dont even bother trying'.

Please explain proflibs. How might I disable them.


On 6/9/2004, "BSDBoy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>I didn't use jack personally but it is very much unlikely that a port does
>not compile on the RELEASE tree. It had never happened to me. Could you
>precisely state the error if you try to compile that port on the RELEASE
>tree? Secondly, you can disable proflibs during the compilation of the
>world. Thirdly, did you update the port tree on the RELEASE tree before
>trying to get that jack thing work?
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>>First of all WHY do u want to runthe CURRENT code? Secondly can u paste
>to run jack audio server which does not complile on 5.2.1
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