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> Hi, I want to compile apache2 from ports with suexec.
> Yet there is no mention of it at all in the Make file.
> It is in Makefile.doc but i'm not sure if thats what i should beusing.
> Can someone fill me in please.

A brief look at www/apache2/Makefile.modules suggests that you just need to
specify "WITH_SUEXEC=yes" in the build environment.  Makefile.modules gets
included from Makefile.

This should work:

# make WITH_SUEXEC=yes install

Or if you use portupgrade and friends,

# portinstall -M WITH_SUEXEC=yes www/apache2

You can then put it in /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf under MAKE_ARGS:

    'www/apache2' => 'WITH_SUEXEC=yes',

This ensures you won't have to specify it each time you upgrade.



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