Hi all,

TO this point, I have been installing everything from source. Starting with
the new servers, which I am working on now, I would like to do as much as
possible from ports.

I have mysql installed correctly.

I need now to install PHP and Apache.

The source type install would require to run ./configure with a few options,
then back to the PHP source dir, run ./configure with a few options, make,
make install, then back to the apache dir, re ./configure, make, make
install, etc etc.

Since ports have patches and some Makefile options set, is it permissable to
go to the Apache or PHP port dir, run the make, then rerun ./configure so as
to emulate the steps above?

Eventually, When it becomes time to comile apache, I will need to add the
FrontPage patch as well. All this considered, woould I be better to keep
installing all from source, or still try to stick to the ports method?


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