As a newbie to FreeBSD, I may be way off base, but it seems
very logical to me that the size of your drive or partition
would make a difference on at what percentage full one would
start to notice problems.

In terms of megs/gigs 80% of 120 gigs still has a lot of
work space left. 80% of 4 gigs is not much. I would think
with a larger drive/partition, one could run at a higher
percentage before trouble started.

It makes sense to me anyway :)

     | It is mentioned as a recommendation.  It
     | is not an absolute. Do a little searching
     | and you will probably find some
     | references. We have some that run in to
     | the 90-s most of the time too.  It depends
     | on what you are actually doing.   If it is
     | a fairly stable collection of data that
     | doesn't get a lot written to it most of
     | the time, it shouldn't matter.   If it is
     | very volatile - lots of files come and go,
     | then it could make a bigger difference.
     | Unless it gets to the 100% mark (except
     | for root) with that 100% being with the
     | set-aside already taken out, it shouldn't
     | cause anything to crash.

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