Here is my progress so far:

1) I had to create a number of /dev/usbX devices (X = 1, 2 , 3).

2) Then the HP 5200C is detected by sane-find-scanner

3) I gave myself permission in /dev to usbX and uscanner0.

As a user I then can do:

   $ xscanimage hp:/dev/uscanner0

Indeed, this works; I get the window, dialogs, can do a scan and
even get the image file. But then the problems start.

A second scan seems to hang (well, how long am I supposed to wait?).

I killed the app, restarted it; again hanging.
But I was patient....after 5 or 10 minutes suddently the window
popped up. I clicked on "Scan", which hangs the application again.

Well, with intervals of several minutes, there are short life
signals from the scanner (it makes some noice).

My PC is a 2.6 GHz PC. Is this waiting time related to timers
somewhere, I need to set manually?

At this moment, it's quicker to reboot and do a second scan, than to
just sit and wait.....


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