FreeBSD does not work using an winmodem.
Yes the ltmdm port purpose is to provide the software drives for
winmodem modems. That being said, here is what that really means.
Winmodems is manufactured specially for the ms/windows market. They
are cheaper because the DSP and controller chips are replaced with
software drivers. There are many different manufactures of PCI
winmodems and even some USB modems are based on the winmodem design.
Each manufacture may use an different combination of chips on their

The itmdm port provides the software drivers just for winmodems that
are manufactured using the Lucent chips and even then only for
certain versions of the Lucent chips.  The general rule of thumb is
to visual inspect the winmodem card for chips marked with the Lucent
name on them as the first step in determining if the ltmdm port may
work for you. In your case, you can not do this visual inspection.

The best recommendation is to try the ltmdm port, if it works in
your case, your lucky, if not get your self an external serial

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   I have installed FreeBSD 5.2 in my notebook (Compaq Evo N800v).

   The modem is a Agere Win Modem. It is possible that it can
   and use the modem to create a dial up Internet connection?

   The port comms/ltmdm is use for this?


   Miguel Calvo
   San Jose, Costa Rica.


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