On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Rob wrote:

> Olaf Hoyer wrote:
> >
> > Just checked some archives to get the grasp...
> > Well, on the german lists we had this discussion about scanner
> > compatibility some time ago, and back then I tested our Scanner @work
> > (also a 5200c) with my notebook.
> Could you give me a pointer to this discussion?
> Since I do understand German, I could learn from this without
> reinventing the wheel.


> A side effect of this is (I believe), that sane doesn't work as a plugin
> with Gimp. I think Gimp first tries to probe the scanner devices, it doesn't
> get any, so the plugin doesn't work. Or something like this.
> (Yes, I have compiled sane with "WITH_GIMP=yes").

IIRC you have to compile GIMP also with the option to use sane, but I'll
check it out...


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