In the last episode (Jun 09), Joe Schmoe said:
> What is the world of SAN on FreeBSD like ?  Does it exist at all ?

There are working fibre-channel drivers for Qlogic and LSI Logic
adapters.  For the short time I had a test BSD box on our SAN, it
performed very nicely.  There are no failover or load-balancing
capabilities, though.  At some point, I hope geom will grow that

> More specifically, are there _any_ iSCSI drivers in existence for
> FreeBSD ?

That's a slightly different question :)  I know of two people that
claimed to be working on it, but they never announced anything.

> If so, how exactly does it work in terms of reallocating storage ? 
> If I have a large iSCSI disk array, and I have a fbsd server that
> suddenly needs more space, how do I expand the partitions already in
> use ?  Wouldn't I need to unmount the existing partition and resize
> it on the array and then remount it ?  Or do people just keep adding
> more and more discreet partitions from the array as time goes on,
> ending up with a fbsd server with serveral mounted filesystems that
> were needed over time ?

You can grow filesytems by dismounting the volume, growing the slice
with fdisk, then running growfs on the filesytem, and remounting.  Or
you can add another filesystem, which might be better if your backup
system does separate filesystems in parallel.  If a 500gb volume takes
4 hours to back up, two 250's will only take 2 if you've got 2 tape
drives.  Depends on your setup.

        Dan Nelson
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