I'm cloning a hard disk on 5.2.1-RELEASE system.  I put the new disk in on the
secondary IDE channel and rebooted.  Using sysinstall, I sliced and
labeled the disk.  I ran newfs on the new partitions and the mounted
them at /mnt.  I then realized that I had made a mistake in my
partitioning (labeling), so I unmounted all the partitions and
relaunched sysinstall to re-label the disk, but now I get an error
saying "Unable to write data to disk adX."  Fdisk won't write to the
disk either.  I reset the channel using atacontrol, but this didn't
help.  To see what would happen, I tried to detach the channel, which
was not the one containing the disk the system was booted to.  The
atacontrol process went into a disk-wait status and I was forced to
reboot the system.  I read a post from about a year ago that seemed to
indicate GEOM might be disallowing me to write the lable.  Does anyone
have any insight into this and how to avoid it in the future?


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