I use the latest mod_frontpage module with Apache 1.3.31...

I haven't tested whether or not it binds to *:80 or not when I specify an IP.

How are you specifying the IP in the conf file ? Are you just using Listen ?


At 09:42 AM 6/10/2004, Bill Moran wrote:
Tim Traver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Bill,
> Not sure what you mean that frontpage caused apache to bind to all
> IP' shouldn't...

I agree.

> The frontpage apache module should respect any of the virtual hosts or
> virtual IP's that you have set up in apache.

It definately should.

> The module is just a way for
> apache to run the fp.exe wrapper script around the frontpage binary. I
> don't know how it would even be able to force apache to bind to anything...

Nor do I.

> Are you sure about that ???

Yes.  When I configured Apache to only listen on 1 IP address, sockstat then
showed it listening on that address in addition to *:80.  The exact same
config changes on a machine without fp installed resulted in the expected

Now, I haven't been idle since I made that first post ... It seems there are
two frontpage ports, apache_fp and mod_frontpage. I've got apache_fp installed.

Anyone using mod_frontpage that can say whether it's better or worse?

> At 07:38 AM 6/10/2004, Bill Moran wrote:
> >I just learned that if you run Apache+Frontpage, you can't teach Apache to
> >only listen on a single IP address. For some reason, Frontpage causes
> >Apache to always bind to all IP addresses. Somehow, this stupidity doesn't
> >really surprise me too much.
> >
> >The reason I wanted to do this is because I have a machine I want to
> >set jails up on, so I can run multiple instances of Apache. But I didn't
> >want to mess with the existing Apache installation right now.
> >
> >Anyway ... in the long run I've got two choices:
> >1) Get Apache+Frontpage running in a jail so it will quit fscking up the other
> > stuff I'm trying to do on this machine
> >2) Find some alternative to frontpage to provide frontpage services that
> > behaves like a proper server.
> >
> >My questions are (respectively):
> >1) Does anyone have Apache+Frontpage successfully running in a jail? I just
> > thought I'd ask before I spent (wasted?) a lot of time trying to make it
> > work.
> >2) Can anyone suggest an alternative to Apache+Frontpage? I prefer scp myself
> > (and there are even spiffy GUI scp clients for Windows) but many of these
> > clients _insist_ on using Frontpage, so I _must_ continue to cater to
> > them.
> >
> >TIA for any answers.
> >
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