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> Frequently I save/print doucument from Website as
> .html
> .pdf
> .ps
> etc.
> files.  If the document consists of several pages then there will
> be serveral files.  What command line/lines shall I use to combine
> file of several pages as a single file (not with 'echo' command).
> Or which application on KDE desktop shall I use to achieve this
> goal.  After a single file created, how can I move pages around
> inside the file (not with copy/paste command).

Do you want to collect a number of files in various formats in one
file to be able to extract any file from the resulting collection?

Or, do you want to collect information contained in different files
in one single file in only one format?

I cannot say anything about the second case.

For the first case, there are archive creaters like tar, pax, &
cpio.  See manual pages for respective commands, and some of the
articles from a larger collection ...


  - Parv


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