On Friday 11 June 2004 12:14, Nelis Lamprecht wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 08:05, LW Ellis wrote:
> > Having some difficulty setting up the XFree86 Server.
> > I did like it said in the handbook, but when I
> > ee XF86Config.new, I get a blank file.
> > If I use the configure tool in the sysinstall, it fails to save the file.
> > I am logged on as 'root'
> The first thing I would do before trying to configure your XFree86
> Server is to find out exactly what Video card( Part 2 ) you are using.
> You can do this usually by going through your system message buffer from
> kernel startup. Edit the file /var/run/dmesg.boot and look for
> information which would indicate your VGA chipset, it usually starts
> with pci0: In some cases where your Video card is not recognised by the
> kernel you may need to identify the chipset in another way. Try opening
> the computer and looking at the chipset on the video card itself.

What he said about the video card,  but you also want the specs for your 
monitor. Specificaly  you need the horizontal and vertical synch rranges or 
the frequencies the monitor can do. Otherwise you risk blowing the monitor.

And no one wants that.

Really you need to know what video card you're running and, idealy, how much 
VRAM it's got,  and the specs for your monitor. 

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