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Sorry, when you break the rules, the rules are broken. However,

We assume that it is in the best interests of each Free Software
Unix-like operating system distribution, each kernel (eg. Linux, *BSD,
HURD) and in the best interests of the end users, to have a centralised/
unified location for hardware information.

I'm not sure that centralization is a valid assumption in the open source community.

Getting hardware is only half the battle. I think that what the members of the open source community would prefer is that individuals and companies who have hardware to donate would be aware of (1) what projects they want or need to support and (2) where the hardware they have to donate can best be used. (It's a free market, we just use a different currency, so to speak.)

That said, I suspect that, if a company or individual has hardware to donate and is not sure where it should go, a broadcast troll like this might actually be appropriate.

(Which is why I'm even further breaking protocol here.)

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