LW Ellis wrote:
The depth of my unix ignorance is showing...
I kept getting a glitch, probably from my bad install attempt.

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I wiped my HD and re-installed FreeBSD with what I have learned.
I have configured my xserver and it seems to be working ok.
I read the the FreeBSD Handbook and found little about adding users or
1) Do I add a group before a user?
2) Other than sysinstall to add a user, is there anything else I need to do
to configure a regular (notsuperuser)
(Keeping in mind to copy .xsession and .xinitrc to that user's dir.)

In this case, and in this stage of your experience, I would recommend to you to use /stand/sysinstall. In an xterminal, become root and do:

# cd /stand
# ./sysinstall

This will give you the configuration dialog, that you may remember from when
you did the installation. But this time you choose the option:
   "Configure   Do post-install configuration of FreeBSD"

In the next dialog, you get lots menu items. Some of them are a little dangerous
(e.g. disk management), but you also see here "User Management".
Go there and add a group and new user; this dialog explains itself, I suppose.

When finished, simply select "Cancel" and "X Exit Install" and you're done.

Would that work?


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