I'm lately experiencing the "Resource temporarily unavailable" crash in vi
a lot. I've had the same thing happen in other programs (eg, cvs, while it
was waiting for input), so it's not something that's specific to vi.
Someone even had it happen with cat:


I went about investigating this occurance. I added an abort() to
strerror() so I would get a coredump before the error message is printed.
The results are a bit surprising:

  #0  0x2814406f in kill () from /lib/libc.so.5
  #1  0x28138da8 in raise () from /lib/libc.so.5
  #2  0x281ae493 in abort () from /lib/libc.so.5
  #3  0x28193be3 in strerror () from /lib/libc.so.5
  #4  0x08053e15 in free ()
  #5  0x0804bcc0 in free ()
  #6  0x0804b929 in free ()
  #7  0x08050b85 in free ()
  #8  0x0807e331 in free ()
  #9  0x0807d12e in free ()
  #10 0x0807cb8c in free ()
  #11 0x08053307 in free ()
  #12 0x0804b063 in free ()
  #13 0x0804a3b9 in free ()

I then found these two postings that seem to point in the correct


This vi thing has happened most often while i working in KDE's Konsole.
I'd open a new window, switch back to the old one, and vi would have
crashed. It also happens when I'm starting vi in a Konsole.

Now, I think the problem (or one of the programs that make it apparent) is
Konsole. However, before filing a bug report, I'd like to get some more
information. If you've ever encountered this bug, what were the
circumstances? If you've researched it some, what did you find out?

Benjamin Lutz

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