I'm currently running 4.10-STABLE, and I have a SB Live 5.1 card in my box.  I've been 
dying to get my Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad working through the gamepad/MIDI port.  
However, I couldn't figure out how to get the joy device working properly.  The 
original code appeared to support an ISA device, but this is a PCI card.

I have a license for OSS, so I've been using that for sound support for the past two 
weeks.  Dev informed me that OSS enables the joystick port on the gamepad, but doesn't 
load a driver for it.  I'm kinda stuck right now.  I can read code, but I don't know 
enough C to actually write sophisticated code by myself, much less port drivers.  I'd 
like to find a driver that will interact with the OSS drivers, but I'd also like to 
work on finding a driver that will interact with the default pcm driver, so that 
individuals who wish to use FreeBSD's native sound system can benefit from having 
gamepad support.

Dev recommended I look into porting the emu10k1-gp driver to FreeBSD.  I had also seen 
a patch floating around a while ago on Usenet for modifying the actual joy driver, but 
that didn't really get me anywhere.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  Any help 
would be welcome.  If anybody is porting/has ported/is willing to port gamepad drivers 
to FreeBSD, that would definitely make my day.

I'd like to help the FreeBSD project move forward with its multimedia support.  Once I 
can get PCI gamepad support running, I won't have any reasons to boot into Windows 
anymore, and I'm sure my sentiment is shared.


Bill Sawyer
Information Systems
Six Flags St. Louis
(636) 938-5300 x. 231

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