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> hi all 
> my company is sending me on an aix/rs6000 course next month Ive been
> using  Linux as my main OS for 2 years (thats when M$ went for good from
> my home :) )and been "playing" with BSD for about 6 months 
> are there any fundamental differences i should be aware of before
> admitting any knowledge of *nix 

It really depends on what you're going to admit knowledge of, as far as I can

If you're going to claim that you know your way around a command line, and
understand the core concepts of Unix, as well as the fundamentals of admining
a Unix system.  And if you're going to say that you've been using Linux and
FreeBSD for a certain length of time, I think you'll be in a good place.

You may be surprised at how AIX behaves on a low level, though.  Like if you
start looking through it's sysctls (does AIX have sysctls?) or if you peruse
the /etc directory to see how things get started at boot time.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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